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daran sollte man immer denken…

…treat your mother right…

auf nach belfast…

Ab morgen geht es mit (hoffentlich) 2 sehr guten Freunden nach Belfast – zum west-belfast-festival.

Neben allerhand kulturellem Angebot gibt es logischerweise auch jede Menge politische Diskussionsrunden und Veranstaltungen. Veranstaltungen wohlgemerkt, die in Deutschland sicherlich so einige „Proteste“ und Aufregungen nach sich ziehen würden. Naja ihr wisst was ich meine, wenn ich mal aufzähle wo ich so hingehen werden.

Simple Songs of Freedom [part of
1968 commemorations]
St Gall’s GAA Club, Falls Road [opposite
Falls Park]
Sunday 3rd August, 5pm – 7pm
It was a time of revolutionary fervour in different
parts of the world. Martin Luther King marching for
civil rights; protests over Vietnam; the streets of Paris
echoing to the sound of students demanding change;
students here marching for an end to gerrymandering
and discrimination against Catholics.The people not
only raised their voices on the streets, they also sang
resistance songs – a mixture of traditional republican
ballads like ‘Kevin Barry’ alongside new anthems such
as,‘We Shall Overcome’. Singers: Gerry Jones, Brid
Keenan, Barry Kerr, Bill Rolston, Ferghas O hÍr,
Eugene McEldowney, Anne and Francie Brolly.

Ha schön mit „rebel-songs-garantie“…

‘Sunday at Five’
Screening followed by Discussion
St. Mary’s University College
Monday 4th August, 3pm
The early release of the political prisoners here was a highly
contentious issue for many, including relatives of those who were
killed in the conflict. ‘Sunday at Five’, a documentary film made by
Batabat Limited Co-operative Catalan Society and Tobar
Productions, examines the lives of two of those individuals who
played leading roles on opposite sides of the conflict. Senior IRA
man Séanna Walsh and ex-leader of the UDA Billy McQuiston
relate a collective portrait of the penal perspective of the peace
process and help us to understand the complexity of the conflict as
seen from prison and on the outside.They will take questions from
the audience. Chair: Sonia Nic Giolla Easbuig, television producer
and director

battle battle battle – IRA gegen UDA – ich bin gepannt

Children of
Gillian Slovo
St Mary’s University College
Wednesday 6th August, 1pm
Gillian Slovo has written ten novels and is the author of the play
‘Guantanamo: Honor Bound to Defend Freedom’ (with Victoria
Brittain). Her mother, Ruth First, was killed in a bomb explosion and
her father Joe Slovo was a famous communist and one of the few
white leaders of the ANC. Gillian’s memoir, ‘Every Secret Thing: My
Family, My Country’, is an account of her childhood in South Africa
and her relationship with her parents. Her 2004 novel ‘Red Dust’
deals with the hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
in South Africa and addresses the question of truth. It has been
made into a feature film starring Hilary Swank. Her tenth novel, ‘Ice
Road’ was short listed for the Orange Prize for Fiction. Gillian will
talk about her profession as a writer, about her life influences and
the difficulties that arose from being the child of revolutionaries.
Chair – Martina Anderson, Sinn Fein MLA.
Sponsored by Tar Anall & Coiste na n-Iarchimi

Palestine Day –
Commemorating 60 years of
St Mary’s University College
Thursday 7th August
12noon – 5pm – Bookstall, exhibition and films, including ‘Memory of
the Cactus’ and ‘Bil’in Against The Wall’.
7pm – 9pm – Public meeting: Palestine – 60 Years of Dispossession.
Among the speakers will be Ghada Karmi, one of the world’s most
renowned commentators on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a
well-known figure on British radio and TV. Born in Jerusalem, she
was forced to leave as a child in 1948 and grew up in Britain. She is
the author of several books, including her widely-acclaimed memoir,
‘In Search of Fatima’, and ‘Married to Another Man’, which deals
with the Nakba and is an analysis of Palestinian dispossession and
opportunities for peace.
Organised by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Committee

Aufregen bitte – hier wird über die „Nakhba“ gesprochen…

‘Perspectives on the Basque political
An Cultúrlann
Friday 8th August, 2pm
Following the breakdown of ETA’s ceasefire and the arrests of the
leadership of Batasuna, the Basque pro-independence political party
along with leading members of other social organisations, Eoin Ó
Broin, author of ‘Matxinada: Basque Nationalism’ and ‘Radical Basque
Youth Movements’, journalist Paddy Woodworth author of ‘GAL
Dirty War, Clean Hands: ETA, the GAL and Spanish Democracy’ and
‘The Basque Country: A Cultural History,’ will give an analysis of the
current political situation in the Basque Country. Chair: Pat Rice

Auch ein Konflikt, der trotz einiger Zuspitzungen, in Deutschland kaum noch wie auch immer geartete Beachtung findet. Außer vielleicht auch noch auf und in einigen Kleinstzeitungen.

‘Re-Imagining A Conflict’
Exhibition by Spanish journalist Janire
This series of images focus on the artwork on the walls of Belfast
and the people who live there. Nájera uses double exposure to
merge these iconic symbols with people from the neighbourhoods
where they are displayed

Ausstellungen und v.a. Fotoausstellungen gibt es bei dem west-belfast-festival eine Menge – hier nur ein Beispiel.

Tour of Republican Graves
Milltown Cemetery
Monday 4th August – Friday 8th August, 11 – 1pm
Pádraic McCotter of Coiste na n-Iarchimi [ex-prisoners’ group] gives
a wide-ranging tour and historical talk about republican history and
those from Belfast – including hunger strikers Bobby Sands, Joe
McDonnell and Kieran Doherty. £5 per person.
Bookings – Tel (028) 9020 0770, or Pádraic at 07724 248 431.

…mit Poser-Foto-Garantie…

Coiste Political Bus
Tour of West
Belfast and Shankill
Starting Point: Art Shop, Falls Road
Monday 4th, Wednesday, 6th, Friday 8th and Saturday
9th August 1pm (lasts approx 3 hours)
Coiste Political Tours provide in-depth tours of West Belfast and the
Shankill with trained guides from both communities. See the
authentic sites of historical and political interest with representatives
from both areas, starting in West Belfast and then swapping at
Lanark Way Peace Line for a tour of the Shankill. £10 per person.
Booking preferred but not essential. Contact 028 9020 0770
Sponsored by Metro.

Hoho West Belfast UND Shankill – auf jeden Fall ne Tour, die nur heutzutage – nach Dialogen und Annäherungen verschiedenster Art – möglich ist.

Naja ist nur ein kleiner Teil des Programms, das man auch auf oben genannter Internetseite runterladen kann. Ich hoffe als wird so klappen, wie ich und wir uns das vorstellen. Am Ende des Festivals gibt es wieder eine große Demonstration. Wer schon mal auf Demos in anderen Ländern war, weiss, dass es auch da immer ein bisschen anders zugeht als bei linksradikalen bzw. antifaschistischen Demos in Deutschland.

Nach der Reise werde ich versuchen, zu der ein oder anderen Veranstaltungen etwas zu schreiben.

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